3 Activities for a Combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

You are months or maybe even days away from marrying your love, and you two adore each other so much. So you have decided to do a combined bachelor/bachelorette party to celebrate the last days of freedom before your new chapter starts. But how are you going to keep your two group of friends entertained and what activities to do for your bachelor/ette party?

You want to keep your friends entertained for the night and make it a celebration before the big walk down the aisle. We have three activities or ideas for your bachelor/ette party to keep all your friends entertained and make it a night you won’t remember—because of all the fun of course.

3 Activities You Need to Do for Your Combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

The trend of combining your bachelor and bachelorette parties is ever growing, with couples finding out it is fun to celebrate their last hurrah together. While the traditional parties still conquer, bachelor/ette parties prove you can have fun with your love without it being a buzzkill for your friends and you.

Bachelor versus bachelorette games

Combined bachelor/bachelorette parties don’t have to be about the couple, but about which side is better—at least for the parties. Grab your friends and show the party which team is superior of the two.

Competitive scavenger hunts are a perfect way to show which side is superior and one of the excellent ideas for your bachelor/ette party. Grab your significant other and come up with a fun scavenger hunt you know your group of friends would be down to play.

Think outside of the box

A joint bachelor/bachelorette party has been a new tradition, so it doesn’t have to require a night out at the bar or a trip to Las Vegas for a surprise wedding. Think outside of the ordinary, literally, by doing a weekend camp party for both parties. Get a cabin for both of your parties and have a relaxing and fun party in the wilderness. It will give you a better excuse to go wild.

Newlywed game

Just because you are having a co-ed bachelor/ette party doesn’t mean you can’t stick with tradition. One game you always play at the last hurrah is the newlywed game, where you test to see how well you know your partner. Grab your squad and integrate them into the game for an all-around good ol’ time.

Have a Large Combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Party?

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